In Bioprocessors we have developed our own technology to produce biodiesel from a variety of vegetable oils.


The company Bioprocessors New Generation SL was incorporated as a limited company in February 2010 with a registered capital of € 286,269 and now has a capital of € 1M for incorporation of new partners in the company to support the promotion of the company internationally.

Several brothers of the Rodriguez family are active in the business (Mr. Juan Rodríguez García is Director General). The Rodriguez brothers, inherited the technology of producing biodiesel from his father (Luis Rodríguez Slacker), which began working on this technology in 2003. At that time, the family had and ran a business involving stainless steel design and fabric ation of a number of different devices for food and biofuel industries. In 2003 the company received the request for the production of a plug flow reactor for the production of biodiesel by a customer. Mr. Rodriguez, designed and built the biodiesel reactor.

The system consisted of a reactor for transesterification, producing 36,000 t / year. The customer patented it in 2006 with registration number P200600135 Spanish patent. The patent title is "Invention Patent: Process consisting of Obtaining biodiesel from Vegetable Oil grade continuous variables acidity System".

In 2009, Juan Rodriguez took over his father's invention and designed and built a plant in the laboratory, based on the previous reactor but with a number of improvements. The new prototype was built in 2010 and the team has been putting about using different types of vegetable oils, including used frying oils. In July 2012, Juan Rodriguez, CEO of Bioprocessors submitted the application to the Spanish patent office entitled: "Process for the Production of Biodiesel from Vegetable Oils obtained for that purpose or fry Recycled". The registration number is ES 2438442 A1. Results of this application according to the Report of the State of the Art (IET), issued by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office indicate that technology is unique in the world.


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